Special Members Meeting 11.11.2016
The meeting was declared quorate as can be seen in the register of the 41 members present, 7 of whom were committee members.
The format followed the published agenda
1. Chairman’s Report
• Laurence Carpanini (LC) described the progress over the last year including the procedure of purchasing the property, grants received and current situation.
• Tim Clements (TC) explained that we need to resolve some difficulties before we are able to issue Compliance Certificates and instructions on how members will be able to claim Social Investment Tax Relief on their investment in RCS Ltd. He informed the meeting that he envisaged these issues being speedily resolved.
• LC informed the group of the proposed refurbishment of the Post Office and that this is expected to occur early in 2017.
• Kathryn Bowen Simpkins discussed ways in which members and Reynoldston villagers could make a difference to the shop by changing their shopping habits. She reminded the group present that they can order fruit and vegetables and informed them that the business will not work if it is perceived simply as a paper shop.
• The importance of maintaining the Post Office was recognised recently when due to BT there had been no services and villagers had had to travel far to complete a variety of transactions.
2. Questions from the floor
• Would it be possible to see locally grown fresh produce?

Whilst this is possible it returns to the point that villagers must commit to buying the produce. LC informed the group that future plans include a vegetable display on the patio area but first that area must be made safe. Further discussion included the suggestion
that there are designated fruit and vegetable days and that a vegetable table of surplus garden produce could be included. Following this it was asked if there could be designated meat days and whilst this would be possible, currently with only one fridge Helen Lewis is unable to stock fresh meat with other produce.
• When perishable foods go past their sell by date, is this a loss to shareholders or the shop operator?

LC explained that HL runs the shop and therefore is responsible for both profits and losses.
• Could there be more information in the Reynoldston News as to the different services provided by the Post Office?

This was considered a positive idea as the advert has been unchanged for a while; suggestions were for short punchy articles with images. This could be emailed to members outside Reynoldston village and also be included in their local publications.
3. Audit Resolution
To consider the resolution:-
Reynoldston Community Shop Limited wishes to exercise the power under Rule 6.2 of its constitution not to appoint an auditor for the period of account ending 31 December 2016.
TC explained the rational for the resolution and explained that the committee had a responsibility to ensure that finances were true and fair. A member asked that whilst he recognised this, 2016 had been a complicated year as regards the purchase of the Post Office building and would it be good practice to ask that they have an external review. Mr John Mahoney volunteered to complete the task.
The resolution was carried unanimously with no abstentions.
4. Any Other Business
• The committee and especially LC was thanked for their commitment and hard work.
• The question was asked as to the possibility of extending the shop and developing a cafe and areas of community use. LC informed the group that whilst this could not be discounted in the future the priority is to ensure that the shop and Post Office are successful.
Register of Members Present
The committee ; Laurence Carpanini, Tim Clements, Kathryn Bowen Simpkins, David Ashelby, Dave Harvey, Brian Chambers, Suzanne Berry
Avril and John Gunn
Sue and Alan Bevan
Olive Hopker
Raymond Harris
Felicity and Andy Parrott
Andrew Berry
Carley and Paul Lloyd Wright
Paul Wyndauer
Chris and Liz Sweetland
Ian Campbell
David Ruordan
Angela Bending
Gerald Turley
Susan Ashelby
Tim Falconer
Sheila and Ken Gilligan
Jane and G D Closs
Eira Button
Philip James
Deborah and Rob Vine
Maria Jones
John Mahoney
Valerie Beynon
John and Judith Rock
Peter Bowen Simpkins
Jennie Clements
Tina Griffiths
Vicky Wells
Jane and David Gibson
Sandi Baker
Sheila and David Williams
Hugh and Enid Jones