December Update

Chance to help save Reynoldston Post Office

Reynoldston Post Office and shop has been on the market for two years, but has yet to attract a buyer. As a result, the current Post Mistress served notice to the Reynoldston Community Council that she would close the post office at the end of the year.
In recognition of the importance of the Post Office to both the village and the surrounding community, a small start-up team was formed, who, having established contact with the Plunkett Foundation (an organisation that supports such community ventures), launched a community consultation exercise. Shortly afterwards, a Management Committee was formed, and a legal entity called Reynoldston Community Shop Limited (RCS) was established.  RCS is a Community Benefit Society that is registered under the law with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) for the benefit of the community.

The aim of RCS is to secure the future of the Reynoldston Post Office and Shop, ensuring that it is run as a viable, going concern for the whole community.  Keeping it open will prevent social exclusion, as well as contributing to the continued successful operation of many local businesses across the whole of South Gower.  To do this, we need to raise the money to purchase the premises, and we aim to do this through a community share offer. We want to get as many people and local businesses as possible to become members of RCS, however much you contribute.  The share offer will be open to investors from 14 December 2015 and is now open until 29th January 2016.

A meeting was held in Reynoldston Village Hall on Monday 14th December, to discuss progress made by the committee to keep the Post Office open, and to explain how the share offer will work.

If you were unable to attend please follow this link Road show presentation to access the presentation that was given during the meeting.

Details of the share offer are to be found on the SHARE OFFER page on this website.

This is your opportunity to share in the ownership of our shop and Post Office by investing in RCS – the community is buying the shop for the benefit of the community.